★ About ALLERTZ™

Hello, welcome to our website...

''ALLERTZ™'' part of ''Allertz Online ©''. In collaboration with our partners, we are responsible for designing and producing our products and offering and performing other services.

▹ History:

Started in 2017 under the name ''Allertz Art Productions ©''.

Started producing and supplying various creative art products and paintings.


In the same period the possibilities of the digital world were discovered and we came into contact with various national and international companies and their products and services.


In the final months of 2018, it was decided to continue definitively with our new discoveries in the field of digital art and to realize the production and delivery of our products in collaboration with our web shop production partners.


In the first months of 2019 we officially implemented our new ideas and changes and managed to complete the development of our new project and registration of our subsidiaries.

▹ Present & Future:

We are still working on further shaping our concept and will continue to develop in the future. Our products can be found in our Shop as well as our new Designs and developments can be found on our website.

▹ Companies & Brands:

The first (1). logo is from our main company "Allertz Online ©". Responsible for the main tasks within our organization.


The second (2). logo ''ALLERTZ ™'' belongs to one of our subsidiaries and is also our trade mark.


The third (3). logo is our combination logo in which all our companies and inigals are displayed. You will find this combination logo on almost all of our designs.


Our former (4). logo, also visible on our third combination logo, consists of the initials of ''Dr. M. Allertz'', founder of our concept and organization. Executive together with many other external companies and other national and international allies.


Our fifth (5). logo consists of our brand name processed in a barcode. We also process these in various products. Just like a normal barcode, you can scan this code on our products where the brand name will be displayed.




All our logos, labels and images can be displayed in different colors depending on the situation and can be processed on various products or advertising material.


None of these logos may be used by third parties under any circumstances without express written permission. Only our partners are allowed to use our image brands and designs in collaboration with our concept.


Every form of cooperation and associated agreements are neatly registered within our organization.